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Travelin South Is Good for the Sole

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On the Amsterdam to Brussels snail-rail train this morning, I couldn’t avoid hearing an American couple across the isle. Nice little couple, in their 50’s, presumably travelling around Europe for the first time. They talked during the whole ride, it was exhausting. I put the volume up on the K’Naan album and luckily a hip-hop artist who grew up in Mogadishu can overpower the never ending child-like observations of Mr and Mrs Jones.… Read Full Text

One of these Taylors is a Sociopath

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Actually I don’t know anything about Charles Taylor the Republican House Rep from North Carolina. I just found it fun that he shares a name with the ex-Liberian president now on trial.

Charles G. Taylor, American-Liberian. Meaning born in Liberian but having American roots in his family. I know it’s common human rights protocol to condemn him as a warlord, but can I just say – this man fascinates me to no end.… Read Full Text

More Opium for the Masses

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Danish cartoons… Danish cartoons... Danish cartoons.

I bet Denmark never felt so important as they do right now. Apparently it’s the new center of the universe.

Lots of blogs will be writing about it. Newspapers certainly won’t shut up about it. And unemployed, poor, angry, irrational, passionate, religious people have been driven to violence over it.

Danish Cartoons.

Thing is, it’s not the cartoon I want to comment about. It’s not how we should intepret the Koran or what free speech is either.… Read Full Text

Fine I’ll Talk About The Pretend War

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I’m just gonna list a bunch of points tonight, because I’m generally annoyed with the story that everyone seems to just buy into about some guy named Bin Laden and his request for a truce. I hate talking about what every other Tom, Dick, and Harriet is blogging about, but tonight I’ve got to be a lemming:

1. There is no war on terrorism. Call it what it is, another farce like the cold war where people are manipulated by fear and believe that they will be destroyed, and then send troops to various countries to kill other people and in the process also get killed, or otherwise torture and be subject to mental anguish that will plague society for generations.… Read Full Text