Lets Get Ady

It’s true, I’m the first to shout “PEOPLE BEFORE PROFITS.” I hate how capitalism and commercials find there way into areas of life where they once didn’t exist. Like when perfectly good public electricity, water, or rail systems are sold off as if it will benefit the consumer. (which it rarely, if ever, does) As a pretend journalist, I especially hate seeing ads larger than the friggin article that I’m reading. I don’t go crazy, but I do get that much closer to going over the EDGE.

The same goes for my blog reading and podcast listening. One thing I love about the blogo-podo-sphere is that it’s young, and the colonizers haven’t come to civilize us with their free market religion. By us I mean.. most blogs. And so, because blogging is sometimes about bouncing discussions around, I wanted to continue a piece of the discussion that Tony’s decision to put ads on the busblog sparked.

So despite my hate for ads, as a person with a rapidly growing readership and the accompanying bandwith costs, I know how this great hobby can become quite the expense. I even got a second donation this week, and I must say I’m most thankful.. the person threw 15 dollars my way. That’s way more then I’d ever ask of anyone, but it definitely inspires me to work harder at blogging and podcasting, as well as eases my pain when I look into the virtual wallet.

Sometimes tho, donations aren’t enough it seems, and so many bloggers have gone the way of googleads (which don’t earn you shit I hear) or other ads. In some cases I don’t even notice… like on WinterofDiscontent’s (where I think I saw googleads), but in some cases, like Wonkette (no offence to that blog pioneer)the ads have pissed me off to the point where I simply don’t read that blog anymore. Where do I draw the line? Well I’m not sure… I think when there’s as much ad space as there is content, that’s when I start losing it.

Of course I still cheer when a blogger says no ads… EVER. Hell.. I’m saying it right now. NO ADS FOR ME. But shit.. you never know…

So in the end.. it’s a grey area… but I support the individual blogger’s right to do what they want with their own blog. Fucking ads might be a necessary evil for some, and bravo to we who manage to stay away from them; cause it keeps our shit pure. Double bravo with sugar ontop to those who leave tips to bloggers in order to help out and avoid the ad monster. Oh -I better go practice what I preach, and leave a tip somewhere myself.

And this post has nothing to do with the fact that I won a raffle on the busblog. I’m serious… stop thinking that. And go bring the beef.

Today’s Sounds: Old 97’s – Tracks that xtx Sent me