bm158 Orgins of Asbury Park

by bicyclemark

Obviously Ive become obsessed with this Jersey shore forgotten city. The truth is there is a very important story there with lessons for the whole world regarding development, religion, and community. In this program I begin to tell the story of how it all started. This was my last recording during my recent visit to New Jersey and note that Im driving as I’m explaining things which makes it harder dammit.

Read a version of the history on the net
The book Im learning from is 4th of July, Asbury Park by: Daniel J. Wolff


bm151 An activists story, from Lebanon to Jerusalem

by bicyclemark

It was early July and she was invited to a camp in southern Lebanon. A very special camp. Many nations, cultures, religions, all gathered to work for one common goal. This is my friend Elise’s story of being at the camp as the bombs began to rain down on Lebanon.

No links, listening is all that’s necessary.


bm132 Summer of Yeast 2006, Madge Weinstein and the MacDocMan Take on Circumcision

by bicyclemark

A break from my usual style of podcast. Madge Weinstein passed through Amsterdam yesterday, before eating her way to Hungary, she and I went to visit the famed Dutch vlogger and pro-foreskin crusader, the MacDocMan. I should note that he didn’t know he was being recorded initially, but I thought the conversation was interesting and fun and hopefully he agrees because otherwise I’m sure he can afford a lawyer and I certainly can’t. If you’re fragile and you can’t stand talk about genitals, this show is not for you… wimp.

Useful Links:

MacDocMan’s Vlog on Male Circumcision
Madge Weinstein Yeasts Across Europe
Is the Stock Market on the Verge of Collapse?


bmtv8 Religion versus Wealth

by bicyclemark

With this vlog I intend to begin a series focused on questions of poverty, religion, education, health and more. Somehow these things are all inter-related, and I’m going to look into the numbers around the world.

This episode deals with Religion versus Wealth. Using the data from PEW’s 2002 study, we can see the level of religiousness in both wealthy and poor countries. But the conclusions don’t come easy, so I’ve got much more work to do.

Watch the Video

PS — Yes, you may notice I make several guesstimates that are somewhat incorrect in this vlog. I was speaking only from memory, so forgive me. The numbers are still there for you to see for yourself, thats the important part.