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  1. Beesan
    I first came across your blog a long time ago, in 2004. Blogging was still new and fresh, but even back then yours stood out, offering serious commentary, humor, and facts where others were lacking. I used to read your posts at work, but stopped following you when I left my job to stay home with two babies. Today, on a whim, I looked you up, and am so happy to see you have continued, and gone from strength to strength. Your writing is still as engaging, thought provoking and humorous as I remember it. Beesan, Dubai
    • bicyclemark
      Hello Beesan. Thank you for the comment, especially in a time when people don't much comment outside the facebooks. Im honored. So honored I had to read this twice to make sure it wasn't spam. Your words make me want to write more actually. I miss writing.
  2. Paulsy
    I read your small post about Jehovah's Witnesses, and I wish to thank you for your impartiality. I looked up "Jehovah's witness happy" into Google, and followed was three pages of some pretty vile stuff about them. Your post was on the fourth. There are so many voices claiming to have some form of inside info about how Witnesses could never possibly be happy with the life they live, how they are tricked, brainwashed, pretending to be happy. I can't understand why they are so hated and resented for what they do and believe - in a world of violent crime, pollution, ISIS, lies, and loneliness, people coming to one's doorstep to talk is enough to ruin one's year apparently. First world problems? Thand you for your voice.

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