On Death

Human memory is an amazing thing. I attended a wake this evening for an old friend. By old friend, I mean someone I knew throughout high school, and hadn’t spoken to in 6 years. Still I think we had fond memories of one another and both knew bits and pieces about each other’s recent life-adventures, as information gets around in NJ suburbs.

As I stood in line… one of the longest lines I’ve ever seen as these things, I kept scanning the crowd. Suddenly, areas of my memory which had been long packed up in grey matter, were reactivated. I looked at photo collages and remembered that high school actually happened. I looked at faces that I couldn’t give names to anymore, people who smiled at me, and somehow, I couldn’t remember. Basically, I hugged and kissed anyone who looked like they deserved it… which was mildly entertaining in such an excessively somber occasion. Sometimes I wish people would spent less time mourning the dead and more time celebratin’ them… for the great people they were.

At dinner I asked my parents, quite seriously, that if I ever die young, they should make sure to have a big party with lots of good ska/jazz/punk/80’s/world music. They can take all the money some people spend on flowers and whatnot, buy some healthy exotic foods, and fly in my favorite people from around the world (who maybe can’t afford it). Everyone will be required to tell a story relating to me, and someone should record those stories on mp3 to pass onto to future generations who will look at MP3’s the same way I look at A-Tracs. Photo-collages are encouraged, and beautiful ladies saying things like “I was secretly in love with him” will also be appreciated. Hell, the men can say it too, that’s flattering. And for fucks sakes, its my death party, so no images relating to religion and keep your prayers to yourself, cause I worship the golden calf and she’s all I need. Oh and of course, everyone should blog about it… I want a blog shrine dammit.

Anyway, my original point- lots of respect and love for all those loved ones we’ve lost recently, especially my old friend.

Tomorrow, perhaps ironically, a new installment of “I See Dead Historical Figures”, featuring Jazz Bassist and Statesman Charles Mingus.

Today’s Sounds: Billy Joel – Greatest Hits Disc. 1 (found it behind some boxes)