Wish the Pope

I don’t like the pope. Hate might be a strong word, but that geezer must be dam selfish. Maybe it isn’t his choice. Maybe his handlers are the idiots. Whomever is responsible, somebody throw in the towel… use some common sense and stop pretending your number one dude is capable of doing his job. HE ISN’T.

Obviously by now you might have noticed I’m a non-theist. I think religion is fine if that’s what you’re into, but I’m not interested beyond knowing a bit about every religion and admiring/understanding certain aspects. Though I do love the SWISS Guard and their striped pajamas and spanish colonial helmets. And perhaps its also worth noting that my family was traditionally catholic… maybe thats why I got strong opinions bout the POPEMAN. Him and his POPEMOBILE… are holding an entire population back. If there were a young pope… an able pope.. then at least he could address the outdated, close-minded policies of the religion. People talk shit about muslims, these fuckers only recently admitted the spanish inquisition was a bit harsh. Nevermind how long it took them to admit they fucked up during WWII. You want a fun google seach, try ” Pop Apologizes for Church” you get a long-ass list.

They should be a modern religion, with leaders that address issues that matter NOW and apply all their ancient laws to PRESENT day. Get over the DIVORCE THING. Look into the REALITY about AIDS. And quit being assholes about homosexuality. While you’re at it.. dear vatican types… why don’t you look a little deeper into the problem of priest kid touching. It might help to understand what’s happening to these holydudes and how you can avoid such terrible crimes in the future.

But alas… none of this happens. You get the same ol pope, who can barely breathe, let alone lead a religion into the future. Times like this make me feel bad for those close to me who are dedicated catholics. They deserve a better pope then this geriatric crap. The man should either die or retire, anything beyond that is selfish as HELL.

Here’s a blogger who I’ve been reading for a long time. He’s religious, I think, and has kicked around the idea of retiring lately. (at least.. how he would retire from blogging)

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