Color Eggs

The Amsterdam family had the traditional Easter meal today. A day early, without colored eggs, and this year no joint was passed around. But the basics were there, Crazy Dr. M’s new pad, good people, great food, including my internets-reknown veggie lasagne.

Funny thing bout easter, its not like any of us have religion, but its the four day weekend we adore, and the time of year (sunny, mild, etc) which makes us all suddenly say “happy easter” as if we’re into the whole thing.

A bit lethargic with all the time off, but I’m also worried about Angola and an outbreak of a deadly fever. If you didn’t know, Angola has a very special place in my heart. Never been there- yet lots of ties, culturally and personally. Ive always had this side-dream that I would someday work for the UN there, since I can handle lots of the languages, and maybe help the country back on its feet after decades of civil war that only recently ended. Anyway I’m following events as best I can, worrying, cause that’s easy to do from my comfy computer seat.

A Fresh podcast goes to you tomorrow. Lots of new things to talk of, and treats for the ears. Now you go and see the Torontonienne who got her camera back and NoCoins who got a swirly at the bowling alley.

Today’s Sounds: Tina Turner – Some Random tracks i downloaded