Clash of Stupidity

I didn’t even want to give this discussion any attention, but here I go, head-first, just for today:

I swear the Dutch masses dream of a holy war. They seem to foam at the mouth to talk about “the muslims.” I guess it’s a reoccurring thought nowadays, in certain countries – the US versus THEM. There’s a slight tinge of fascism and racism in the winter air, and it has been there for at least 2 years.

A controversial and beloved film director was murdered/assassinated in cold blood by what turns out to be a Moroccan extremist, complete with a note condemning the director’s criticism of Muslim culture. The whole country goes nuts, as if there isn’t an assassination per season around here. (oh yes there is!) Now anyone, including myself, would agree murders are bad and they should not occur. But they’re calling it an attack on free speech, and I don’t feel like explaining that even when you have “free speech”, it is still possible that psychos get angry and violent. Others, politicians especially, use this event to fuel their xenophobe rhetoric: that Muslims aren’t integrating in Dutch culture; fascist-populism at its finest. Hell, now they’re calling it terrorism!

And so the latest, today – a Dutch Muslim school was more-or-less bombed (“explosion,” they report) The press says it could be a “revenge” attack, I guess meaning its revenge from Dutch folk. So here we are again, US versus THEM. I wonder if the Reichstag is burning? Soon I’m sure Sammy P. Huntington will be elected prime minister, so he can orchestrate the holy war.

But don’t believe the hype good readers. Plenty of tolerant people and policies in the people’s republic of Amsterdamage. I’m referring to those of us who don’t buy into the sweeping generalizations. Who get our hair cut at Atlas Kapsalon, where Majid and Mohammed greet you with coffee, a newspaper, and a smile. Who appreciate the people who were brave enough to leave their lives behind and start over in Amsterdam, regardless of race, class, sexual preference, or religion.

White Christians have carried out some of the most disgusting mass murders and wars the planet has ever seen, but I’m not going condemn the kid from Virginia sitting next to me, based on that.

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