The Drock Files

Sometimes Drock writes me emails that are works of art… modern art… pop art. So without further adue… another one from the D-Rock files:

    Bicyclemark writes: I just remembered something… flashback… you wrote a check to me before I left DC… you were all fuckin sleepy… and in the memo part you wrote “Hot Sex”

    As if that shit wasn’t funny enough… I passed that check to dad for him to deposit… man did I feel weird handing my dad a check with a memo “hot sex” I just said to him ” dont mine the memo.. thats Drock being funny.

    Dad said nothing.

    Drock replies: Yeah that shit was fun…the check thing… I think your dad wrote in “Sextet” to hide the pain

By now you must be ready to spontaneously combust after those US presidential debates. I never heard so much goddam agreeing, once again I swear they were gonna make out on stage. They both love guns, war, xenophobia, faux tax cuts, religion, the middle class, the American worker and announcing that they have “a plan.” You can try focusing on the differences all you want, but the sad truth is, there aren’t that many. So in all my cynicism and nylism… I seek inner political peace. And has provided just the Oasis I need. Experience for yourself the joy of “The Hip-Hop Presidential Debate.” My personal favorite move is the W “Money Walk”, plus his gang of Baby Rice, Hollyburton, and Big C look like one badass crew. While you’re there look into Royal Rampage, where GWB and the Queen shoot up the town. Actually the list of fun goes on, most involving Bush and Kerry in awkward positions.

Moving away from that dead horse, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Deconstructionist– aka Asia- is studying to be a brain surgeon. Thus making her the first future brain surgeon blog that I read, which is quite exciting. I’m hoping I learn more about my own melon through her teachings. Plus, if that weren’t enough, she’s interested in BOTH pinball AND history. Two very intensive disciplines, both of which require good thumbs.

This weekend being my first ever time off since becoming a daily blogger, I’ve started to worry about the effects of so much writing on my wrists. My desk is actually a table and its far to high off the ground in relation to my chair. I’m like a toddler reaching for the cookie jar… for hours at a time. Whenever I read about Tony Pierce’s arm problems… spiders crawling up his arms… I worry about my own future. Then again.. he is 111 years old, and did have a great love affair with Anna Kournikova (photoessay alert – click through), so maybe there are benefits.

Today’s Sounds: Stars – Live Last Night.. still echoing in my head