Sky is Orange

Terrorism gets tons of attention as the big fear around the world. But here in Portugal, there is something that is much more dangerous and terrifying than terrorism. And it doesn’t just blow up in crowded places or involve religion or class. The force I’m referring to actually happens right before everyones eyes, though they […]

Seeing Green

Since king what’s his face of Saudi Arabia just died, Portuguese artsy-fartsy television aired a documentary about the history of Saudi Arabia, and my initial reaction is …goddam! How is it that Americans (including myself) are put through school without ever hearing about this nation that is so completely attached to and influencial on the […]

Color Eggs

The Amsterdam family had the traditional Easter meal today. A day early, without colored eggs, and this year no joint was passed around. But the basics were there, Crazy Dr. M’s new pad, good people, great food, including my internets-reknown veggie lasagne. Funny thing bout easter, its not like any of us have religion, but […]

Wish the Pope

I don’t like the pope. Hate might be a strong word, but that geezer must be dam selfish. Maybe it isn’t his choice. Maybe his handlers are the idiots. Whomever is responsible, somebody throw in the towel… use some common sense and stop pretending your number one dude is capable of doing his job. HE […]