VP Eye Candy

The following is a shortlist of things I’ve done in place of when I would usually be net surfing:

  • Watching hours of TV, especially TV5 Secials
  • Sewing new yellow curtains
  • Reading “The History of Gay New York” by this Chauncey guy.
  • Showing visitors L and D around, and visiting the sex museum which is well worth the 2.50 entry.
  • This is what my life has become, that and finding Wi-Fi randomly in this city.

    I’m sure some might want me to talk about the Edwards VP announcement. Honestly, the first thing I think when I see these two together is: “Damn.. these boys are white.” I can’t say exactly why that’s the first thought, but its immediately what I notice. They are so dam white it’s annoying. I’m well aware that the other party is and has always put forth two white dudes, but for some reason – Kerry and Edwards symbolize the desire to sell a ticket to white America… making them feel “comfortable” like these guys are pure as a newborn lamb. (cause lambs are pure, Im telling you.) James Ridgeway calls the ticket “Business as Usual” which I think is another good point.. same old formula.. nothing new for the US.

    So as part of my new increase in television exposure, last night on TV5 I was emgrossed in a special on the state of Israel. Pardon the pun.. but MY GOD. What a wierd place. Again, pardon me for being culturally disrespectful for a moment, but Israel is a strange-ass country. Things I learned:

    Civil marriages are not possible in Israel! Only Orthodox.

    Everyone is automatically in the military unless you decide to study religion for a living. (I forget what thats called).

    If you choose to study religion as your occupation, you are paid to do so by the government, apparently for your whole life.

    The Shinui party is the fastest growing party in Israel and they are tired of the old traditional close-minded thinking.(I think I like them)

    Orthodox types hate cameras and if you point one at them they seem to flee.

    In summary, Israel is a strange country with policies that I think are not only unique, but unsustainable. But hey, that’s just me. I would appreciate being corrected by one of my wonderful Israeli readers.

    Today’s Music: Midtown – Living Well…