The Bishop and the Church

Today the episcopalian church officially appointed the first openly Gay bishop. At the ceremony several bishops stood and read their statements condemning the choosing of a gay bishop and stating that it “breaks god’s heart.” They then walked out with their heads lowered. Why were their heads lowered if they were so certain of their opinions? Weren’t they carrying out “god’s will.” Or could it be that they were ashamed? Ashamed at their own homophobia and bigotry. Ashamed that their own religious beliefs could not tolerate someone based on their sexual preference.

The church may split. Yet another split of a religion that is troubled by the spirit of evolution and acceptance. A religion that can’t seem to keep up with the times, and often chooses archaic exclusionary traditions over open-minded tolerance.

There’s nothing new in this story, except for the new bishop. Otherwise it’s just another church acting as we’ve come to know organized religion, close-minded, outdated, and irrelavant.