Quiz Hate

Well… let it never be said there isn’t peer pressure in blogging. TP has convinced me/pressured me/urged me to do it, so here it is, and I’ll never do another one of these because… just because.

bloggers-only quiz

1. which political party do you typically agree with? Probably the French Green Party. (cause the german, us, portuguese… are all lame ducks)

2. which political party do you typically vote for? Green and Socialist (depending on which country I vote in.. if I even vote)

3. list the last five presidents that you voted for? how old am I… hmm.. I can only remember voting Nader in 00. That was my first. And I’d fucking do it again – because he’s the only candidate who represents ME!

4. which party do you think is smarter about the economy? its Greenspan either way, so neither.

5. which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs? There Ill go with Dems… not Clinton Dems…. FDR Dems!

6. do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out? Re-allocate military into NGO’s…. let those who want to help stay.

7. who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11? The Global Economics system which leaves few super-rich and majority super-poor.. and eventually extremely desperate or angry enough to become terrorists. Religions also help to make matters worse.. so I blame the pope, mohammed, abraham, and vishnu. (Buddha.. hmm.. maybe him too) Also the CIA… them and their black budget.. blood all over those hands.

8. do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in iraq? Whatever Rummy wants.. he gets.

9. yes or no, should the u.s. legalize marijuana? They can’t handle it. Just decriminalize for now.

10. do you think the republicans stole the last presidental election? Supreme Court did.. but yeah.. the party too.

11. do you think bill clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with monica lewinski? If GWB is still going at this lying rate… no.

12. do you think hillary clinton would make a good president? If by good you mean.. yet another Republicrat.. yes. Her speaking style makes me ill.

13. name a current democrat who would make a great president: Senator Byrd. (the W-Virginia guy.) Also Barbara Lee.

14. name a current republican who would make a great president: Paul O’Neil.

15. do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion? Shouldnt even be a question. Yes.

16. what religion are you? None. Non-theist.

17. have you read the Bible all the way through? Seemed to me that in grammar school they kept making us read the same passages over and over… so why bother going all the way through.. I got the idea.. by heart.

18. what’s your favorite book? Martin Eden, by Jack London.

19. who is your favorite band? The Clash.

20. who do you think you’ll vote for president in the next election? I doubt I’ll vote. But If I get my absentee… Nader.

21. what website did you see this on first? tonypierce.com + busblog

Today’s Music: Tahiti 80 -Fun Fair (I cant even hear the French accents)