Throw Water on Me

I’ve now arrived in Lisbon, where internet caf?s grow on trees. Hence, more blogging, but not as link heavy as normal, and of course, Big Daddy J is still in charge here.

I attended a baptism today. It might not sound interesting, but for me it’s always a saga. Being a staunch non-theist, I enjoy visiting churches/synagogues/mosques/temples just as I enjoy visiting museums. But I dislike attending services, especially Christian ceremonies since I’ve been over-exposed to them in my life and feel a sort of hostility towards them. I just don’t want to be mistaken for religious, and I hate when the priest asks the crowd to “denounce satan”… I’ve never met this satan guy, and why is this priest in such a hurry for me to write him off. Maybe he’s hip and cool and I can learn from him. I will absolutely not denounce him, unless he spills his drink on me.

My calling at these events, I’ve discovered, is that of “the photographer.” Relatives for the past few years, perhaps knowing of my distaste for ceremonies, hand me a camera every time. Suddenly, those sit down, stand up, kneel, speak, sing rules don’t apply to me. It’s awesome, like getting an all access pass, or being invisible. I think at one point today I was standing right next to the priest guy point my lense at him, and there ain’t nuthin he can do cause I was designated “camera person” by the mother of the baby. Finally, I understand my role within religion, I’m there to make camera sounds and ignore the rules.

Tonight was my arrival in Lisbon. This place continues to be magical for me. For a second, I forget all about my girlfriend Amsterdam. My old love affair for dark, narrow streets, and dog poo covered cobblestones returns. It has this wonderful feeling of ancient-ness mixed with modern-ness, and it’s just the quintessential “hip european city.” So, time to soak up my week of Lisbon… on the list of things to do:

-Watch TV

-Sit on the roof and watch the river

-See whats new in Day and Night life

-Comb the Feira de Ladra

-Check out 1 museum

-Wander FNAC

-Visit with my boys.(and girls)

Today’s Music: Bill Frisell – Intercontinentals (could listen 24-7)