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May 14, 2010 / Text

This website has existed in different forms since 2001. In that time, alot of people have come and gone, regular readers, occasional visitors, frequent comment leavers. For those that remember the days when the title of the site was “The Communique” and my focus was…

March 15, 2009 / Text

Since it is Sunday and I haven’t posted a picture of my niece and nephew in quite some time, here you go internets:

June 17, 2007 / Text

While a few months ago I may have changed the title of this blog to Citizen Reporter, that does not mean the personal side of things will suddenly disappear. It doesn’t mean I will pack up my opinion, my thoughts, my concerns, and things that…

October 22, 2006 / Video

Click To Play Time to start going through the archives and putting together vlogs from the past few months. This one is for all the A-Ren fans… brace yourself.. he’s got a guitar and he’s not afraid to use it.