Meanwhile, My Nephew

While a few months ago I may have changed the title of this blog to Citizen Reporter, that does not mean the personal side of things will suddenly disappear. It doesn’t mean I will pack up my opinion, my thoughts, my concerns, and things that happen to me.

That said, I will still focus on things happening in the world, especially that which goes under discussed, under reported, un-addressed. But in between, naturally the blog is still a personal creation at its core, and I still carry my internet moniker with pride.

The other thing I’d like to share with great pride is a recent photo of my nephew, now 3 years of age. My readership research indicates that more than 30% of you adore photos of my nephew (especially my readers in France), and who am I to deny you of such joy?

Tomorrow it is back to the reporter side of citizen reporter. See you then.