1 Year Uncle

Could it possibly have only been one year ago today that my little boy… my little A-Ren came into the world? Was I really sitting here in Amsterdam, staying up all night, waiting to hear word if I had a niece or a nephew?

It’s hard to imagine my family pre-A-Ren. Almost seems as if in every memory I have of the last few years, he’s somehow been pasted in there. Even from this side of the ocean, far away and unable to see him first-hand, I know he’s the pride and joy… the superstar of my family.

And of course, I’m a silly uncle, and I have so much guilt and fear, that living here in the Dam will make me a forgetten uncle. It’s to a point that I write in this blog in hopes that one day, A-Ren who I love so much, will flip through it, and say — “UncleBM, You wrote that about me?”

And I’ll play it cool, cause I want to be the cool uncle, I’ll say — Yeah kid, I did. Now lets get out there on our bikes, I’ve got windmills to show you.

Happy Birthday A-Ren!