A-Ren Talks in Dreams

It has been quite some time since I’ve talked about my super-human toddler-extraordinaire nephew the A-REN. Perhaps because it has been almost a year since I last sat next to his high-chair and he threw all his toys on the floor and gave me that “pick em up uncle slaveboy from Holland.” – A look that I always obey of course, cause you can’t deny the A-Ren.

But as you can imagine, throughout the year my dear brother and my mama keep me going with plenty of photos and the occasional video of A-Ren dancing around to Portuguese music. And perhaps that and my upcoming trip to New Jersey (1 month away) that have led to some very interesting dreams lately.

Now in real life, the A-Ren is still not using the languages of the uncivilized world many of us use. Instead he has created his own language which I believe to be too highly advanced for humans, especially boring adults. Though he does humor the family by saying a few key English and Portuguese words. Yet, lately I have this re-occuring dream where my toddler nephew walks into my apartment and immediately shouts my name and runs up to me and hugs my one leg and starts talking up a storm asking me why I haven’t been to visit him lately. Im pretty sure he speaks to me in English, but the part that always blows me away is when he knows all about me and what Im doing in Amsterdam and demands that we go out in the garden and play. — A vision of the future perhaps? An acid flashback perhaps? A lack of sleep? — likely.

Oh and since one day my nephew will be reading all the old posts his uncle wrote about him — hey buddy, here’s lookin’ at you.