Tag: A-ren

September 24, 2006 / Video

I’ve been spending time with my 2 year old nephew, known to the internet as A-Ren. Sometimes the boy decides he needs to do something and well… watch the quickie film.

July 24, 2006 / Text

Just got off the phone with my dear brother in New Jersey… asking about how things are going for his household, and of course, my dearest 2 year old nephew known as A-Ren. Throughout the latest events transpiring between Israel and Lebanon, I’ve been thinking…

May 13, 2006 / Video

My nephew, the great A-Ren, turns 2 today. I’m far away and I miss him alot, especially today. This is my bi-lingual vlog message to him. And maybe next year he can look back and see what his absentee uncle made for him. Watch the…