A-Ren Turns 6

This website has existed in different forms since 2001. In that time, alot of people have come and gone, regular readers, occasional visitors, frequent comment leavers. For those that remember the days when the title of the site was “The Communique” and my focus was on more than under-reported news but also life in Holland, family, friends and internet culture in general, then you’ll surely remember when my nephew A-Ren was born. Its hard to believe 6 years have gone by.  To this day when I travel, when I run into friends or aquaintences that know my site, people still ask me “How’s A-Ren?” Naturally I always smile and say He is GREAT!

In honor of his birthday (yesterday) I present a classic film from his toddler days, and here are two classic posts about my nephew for your reading pleasure.

I realize some new readers out there might find it strange to hear about the personal stuff, the family details, and my feelings… but to them I say – this here is and always has been a blog. And blogging is fundamentally, beyond everything else, personal.


  1. Anne-Mieke
    May 19, 2010

    A-ren is very cute and also very cool, congratulations with his birthday!
    And you know you should always keep something personal in your blog.
    Of course I’m a different reader of your site than most others and nearly only am interested in the personal items, but really, I don’t think you must become one of those entirely impersonal types of bloggers, which thankgoodness I am confident you will never become.

  2. May 21, 2010

    I remember the old days well. Good to see A-Ren again! I agree with Anne-Mieke – the personal is always a nice touch in a blog.

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