A Visit to the Lab

well shit. the shift button works not in this corporate computer lab. im pretty sure im in amsterdam… i can tell by the bikes whizzing by me, the feeling that everything is expensive, the hearing of dutch language, and the expensive room i got for tonight.

now where the hell is the welcome wagon.. this was one of the cruelest welcomes ever… i went from hotel to hotel like a tool.. and shelled out huge bucks for a shiyte room. f f f f

tomorrow will be nicer… it could only be.

no more for now… im starving.

Language Habits

I like when people travel to somewhere and then when they write you, they greet you in that language… as if to say … “look at me” or “haha look where i am, Ive lost the ability to greet you in English”.

That being said, BONJOUR! Goed Dag (something like that, who knows Flemmish anyway)

Brussels has aged two years since last we were together. She looks older, more mature, maybe a little acne here and there. But nonetheless, she so hot! Not temp. wise… but stuff wise…. I walk down the street like a tourist.. head whissing around left and right. Why? Cause of all the cool nooks and crannies.. the little shops… love’em.

Belguim has always resembled new york in many spots… maybe thats related to the american archetects thats designed the place after the war… architects with little imagination and lots of money.

Amsterdam… shes just north of here… I can feel her waiting for me. Either that or its that soup my cousin made. Yum.

Never carry 50 Kilos of luggage.. its inexcusable, embarrassing, and why would anyone need fifty kilos of stuff? Thats a life rule fro, now on… Im going to weigh all my stuff on a monthly basis… anything over 30 kilos goes to the trash of those in need:

Hooray for the low countries!

The End of Lisbon

SINGING: All that I need is the air that I breathe

And all that I need are things I don’t need

And all that really matters is what matters to me

And who of you are like me

If I was to smile and I held out my hand

If I opened it now would you not understand

Because you know if I’m to benefit I’ll do everything that I can

And who of you are like me……”

Such a fine tune from such wonderous minds: Blind Melon (All that I need)

Well, the bags are just about packed… just the horn and pc remain.. and those are always the last to be packed, beyond the toothbrush. Tonight is the final dinner for quite some time, with some of the closest Lisbon friends. Savouring the moments.

In the future, there’ll surely be more Lisbon adventures. But the question is, will there ever be one such as this? Will the center of the mark-Universe ever be Lisbon again? It brings that classic question – what after Amsterdam? Which brings the classic answer – Amsterdam first, the world second. Something clever like that.

Worst of all… there will be limited internet contact for the remainer of this week (he thinks). This should be a good thing, because one should never be dependant upon internet like so…. but still… it becomes the lifeblood.

In closing, there are no clever quotes or coffeetable wisdom… there is simply an end… which is actually a begginning. ::looks at clock:: I wonder…. if it will be raining.

Prologue to a Blog

So why should one be into this fad of keeping a log? I haven’t the foggiest. It’s quite narcisistic (try spelling that) Regardless, it has begun.

In precisely 48 hours, bicyclemark will be in Belgium en route to Amsterdam, and Lisbon, Portugal will no longer be home, as it has been for the past 8 months. The bags are packed, the apartment is a mess (for the moment) and mentally he is ready to move into his new life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Perhaps the sweetest punch is that he will once again be a university student… grad student to be exact. A life that values thought and creativity (perhaps) unlike the real world that frowns about such things if they don’t lead to the amassing of wealth. The Chinese proverb, “may you live in interesting times” comes to mind, though these “times” would qualify more as sickening and depressing than interesting… but theres a thin line between those.

Only the Beginning

Well well well. Here we both are. You. Me. Several millions of other web-answer seekers. If you’ve read this far, then you’re clearly someone with questions, which is essentially the true nature of real humans. I am just another questioner… and together, maybe we’ll ask the right questions that might help improve the conditions of life on this planet, which up until this point, are quite disappointing to say the least.

So join me every now and again, won’t you? I shall recount my thoughts, observations, and halucinations. (especially in the realm of spelling, eh?)

For now, I shall stop here. But stay tuned. And keep questioning!