10 Minute Gaps

Well glory be! Good golly! A real grad student, with nothing short of the finest in DELL black sleek technology at his fingertips. Now the dobochery can begin, emails, websites, message boards.. CHATS! The skies the limit really. Though looking up, that limit sure is grey.

Everywhere one walks in Amsterdam people are singing their hearts out. It can make one feel quite left out. (as he types a boat floats by the window with the loudest polka booming from every whoofer and tweater you can imagine. Even more hilarious, not a single, sophisticated, attractive student in this lab flinches. As if to say, “yeah, theres goes the polka boat”)

It rains every other hour. But only for about 10 minutes, which is enough time to go into some store/office/hotel/library and pretend you belong there. Whats with the public’s obsession with the weather anyway… In Lisbon, would bm check the weather? Hell no.. sunny everyday, so whats the point. Now, why bother, cloudy with bouts of rain, no need to check. Three accidents almost took place near Leipsplein (or however you spell it) today, each involved a car, arrogance, and zorro – a recently accuired classic Dutch velocopede belonging (legally I think) to one Mark Rendeiro, residence unknown. In each case bm discovers creative ways of stopping, when one has coaster brakes that are more or less broken. (Why did the kind Algerian Bike salesman not fix such a safety risk?) Insh’ALA (if god wills), I shall survive. (by god, I refer to the golden calf, whom Ive happily worshipped for quite a while)

A man without a home is a like a homeless person who still hasnt come to grips with reality. Second thought, he is a homeless person. No real wisdom there. ‘cept money flies when you live at hotels.

More singing and laughing, it echoes through the quiet computer lab. Why do they sing? Where doth such joy come from? Tis perhaps the herb? Perhaps.