Tony Blair. Who is this clown? PM you say? Does anyone listen to him? The BBC. oh.

He’s like a parrot at times “Iraq… Weapons… war… Iraq.. weapons… US… war”

Following the Bush hijacking of the American elections, it was thought that perhaps Blair wouldn’t be so warm towards someone who gained power through quite controversal circumstances, and who according to political party, is quite different within the political spectrum.

MAN WAS THAT LONG AGO! Turns out… he spends more time in bed with W than Laura does. George Michael was definately on to something.

Hey Mohammed VI won the elections in Morocco. The alliance maintained power. Classic… a socialist/nationalist/center right coalition, everyone is certainly represented. Right? Dad would have been proud. Now the king can get back to driving sports cars and dating supermodels while the country runs on autopilot.

When you can’t talk about something because others tell you its not right. That’s where fascism begins. The US government is breeding fascism, and it’s taking root.

If you’re offended already, then you’re a victim of that very fascistic system, because autoomatically you think such a thing shouldn’t be discussed. But if it were truely democractic and open-minded, then we would able to sit and compare the US, or the US government to any point in history ever.

An inaccurate quote, “He is using the pretext of war to distract his citizens from the bad situation on the domestic front, Hitler used the same strategy.” This is roughly what the German Minister of Justice said. I WOULD AND WILL REPEAT THIS STATEMENT. The problem is not the statement. The problem is that it can’t be made, because forces on both sides of the Atlantic will say, like Canoleeza Rice, “How can you compare Hitler in the same sentence as the President of the United States.” Apparently at Georgetown, Rice never learned about academic or historical analysis. She only learned how to be patriotic and talk about things that make everyone feel safe. The pres of the united states is just a man. Matter of fact, he’s a very low quality man when it comes to knowledge, public speaking, and solving conflicts. Regardless, there is no reason why comparisons can’t be made between the strategies of Bush, Hitler, Geroge Washington, Stalin, Mother Teresa, Mao TseTung or Ghandi. They were all people and they had certain strategies in their lives, just as the pres does. Anyone who says, “You can’t say that” and proceeds to threaten or censor you, as the American Government has, is fascist and furthermore, a danger to free-thinking and democracy everywhere. Because, when it comes down to it, thats what it was supposed to be all about… open and diverse debate amongst citizens.

THE SITUATION IN RAMALLAH in THE WEST BANK is SHAMEFUL!!! Whats more, the worlds attention has shifted to MTV or Iraq phoney-war, so few take notice as an elected autonomous government, THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, has been attacked in their own headquarters (again) by the ISraeli Defense Force. (ironic title) The pretense: There was a suicide bombing in Israel.

Blaming Yassir Arafat everytime theres a suicide bombing, is the equivalent of the WHITE HOUSE being attacked everytime an American commits an act of murder. IT MQKES NO SENSE, AND HAS NO LEGAL GROUNDS! Its also terroristic and a violation of human rights.

Meanwhile the government of Ivory Coast claims to have killed the leader of the military coup last year. Hooray for democracy and human rights. My dear Ivory Coast… my deepest sympathies.

Its raining in Belguim.

So for those who didn’t know: There were elections in Kashmir this week. Not your typical: Go to the old grammar school, greet the old folks and vote type vote. No m’am. This was one of those get shot at, get bombed, barely make it to the polls alive elections. Something westerners would know very little about. (they tend not to go to the polls if it rains… imagine it raining bullets!!) Nevertheless 40% of registered voters did their thing… and on October 10th the count will be concluded… and one of the longest running/dangerous disputes in world history will open a new chapter. (or an old chapter with different illustrations and nicely bound)

For those who don’t know what or where Kashmir is… I refuse to explain. You’ve got the internet at your disposal… go to, or and look for it.. you can’t miss it…

Belgium seems tempting this weekend. Chocolate, mussels and french fries will be eaten.

This just in: NEW DELHI: Dreaded mafia don Abu Salem has been arrested in Lisbon, Portugal, intelligence sources said here on Friday. The sources said Salem’s satellite phone was tracked down using GPS technology.

Dam those Lisbon secret police are good!

There are those who run around complaining about the ideals of equality. Those guys (usually men) who bitch and moan about having too much PC’ness.

Political Correctness; can’t we just call it by its real name: RESPECTING OTHERS! Everyone hates the name PC unless you’re talking about that box that takes you to the internet. Trouble is, it isn’t being politically correct that people hate, it’s actually thinking that becomes annoying. So many would prefer to continue mouthing off like morons as opposed to considering the words they use to communicate.

“Just Words” they say… its just words. LANGAUGE DEFINES CULTURE! If you go around calling the people who fight fires, firemen (which we all grew up doing) then you’ll think theres nothing wrong with that. You’d also always picture a man as the person doing that job, as if thats the only way it makes sense because “men are physically better for the job.” But what kind of judge are you if you grew up calling them firemen and only thinking of men in this position?

Lets back up from fires and men.

Language. Recently, quite often, I’ve discussed this current term thats used in everyday language. It’s the use of the word “gay” to refer to negative things. Things that are wrong, stupid, strange… if its negative, people are using “gay” to refer to it. THIS IS A PROBLEM! No one’s sexual preference should be used as derrogatory… as if that is the epitome of wrongness. THAT REFLECTS IN CULTURE. You start sayin that, and if you weren’t already homophobic, you’re garunteed to become.

Would it be appreciated if the name heterosexual or American, or human be used whenever something seemed wierd or stupid? No it wouldn’t.

You mission: Listen! Listen to the masses! If they use the term “GAY” when they mean to say “stupid/wierd” DONT LET IT GO! STOP THEM… ask them “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN… GAY? “THATS A PRETTY IGNORANT TERM TO USE” Say anything… harass them! Make it known that you don’t dig their linguistics!

Its important. We’re sharing this planet. And English is pretty widely spoken.

Who’s a Danger?

Barley. It’s whats for dinner.

In Amsterdam there is sun. Bright and sunny sun. Papers on communication theories prevent the enjoyment of this sun. Until now… all has been completed.

There is one soul who has offerred to instuct dutch on a friendly level. To quote Derrick of Toronto: “I want to learn things like bicycle dutch, or Albert Hein (supermarket) Dutch.” Agreed Derrick. The terms at the supermarket are confusing. A letter from the bank was received recently. The name: Mark Fonseca Rendeiro appears on it, as does paragraphs in Dutch which are probably quite important.

There was a discussion last night with a Finnish girl. She was quite sage-like. Global politics was the subject…. or was it snow? Probably both. Helsinki is now definitely on the “to visit” list. A place where during the winter, you get daylight from 9:30 until 4.. or less maybe.

All this talk of weapons of mass destruction. Yet… who has the most nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons in the world? USA! Who constantly refuses to cooperate or let alone fund the United Nations? USA Who unilaterally attacks/invades/intervenes militarily in other nations? USA

Who’s a danger to the world? Iraq!?