Learning to Ride

Lets try this: Friends are like snow. Some months, you’ve got none. And then, when it does start to snow, it just comes down. And then, sometimes, one little snowball, becomes a giant snowball, and then…. you get lost in this metafor… which is really a simile… which is lame.

Cut to today: The Luso-Canadiana old long-time friend has been found. Dinner was eaten by many, complete with paper plates and laughter a-plenty. The comrads of the program and quite the cool. Good friendships ahead filled with all the good stuff that comes along.

The Bike… now without a name, as zorro didnt stick… is being repaired. Or reborn, as it seems more aprapo….. A revolutionary idea: Hit Brakes, Bike Stops. Crazy you say? Watch me!

Rugs! Where can a brother buy some rugs up in this piece? My dawgs be cold!

Important people always have places to be. Suddenly, I must go… anywhere.