So.. if the US attacks Iraq, which by the way – is a form of terrorism, the following becomes quite possible:

China will attack Taiwan, saying that they are a threat to the mainland.

India will Nuc Pakistan, saying that they are a threat.

Israel will further anniolate Palestinians, saying (as they have) that they are threats.

Children will be arrested in grade school or kindergarten, because they are future threats to the world.

Cats will attack dogs, saying they are threats.

Worms everywhere will assemble to take on birds saying they are a threat to the worm way of life.

CocaCola will bomb Pepsi headquarters, saying they are a threat to business.

Nice neighborhoods will rob poor neighborhoods, saying that it is a preemptive theft, because they are a threat.

Life will be better. No doubt about it.

I don’t know

LOUD DUTCH SINGING! “BLAH BLAH LAAA LAA” And there in a boat, is a group of Dutch singing there hearts out, seemingly making fun of someone on dryland. A look at dryland reveals 2 mounted police, protected by garbage bag ponchos amidst the first big rain this month in A’dam. Next to the horses, there’s the fire-rescue unit… where two divers are standing in full diving gear, save the oxygen tank. They seem annoyed… or embarrassed. And they’re waving off the boat with the singing Dutchfolk. But the boat suddenly floats towards the divers, and the singing turns to chanting… abusive chanting… sort of like “You’re a sucker, you dive into this toxic water!” (To the tune of ol-lang-syn.) And then laughter follows… ten minutes of laughter. One Dutchy throws a lolipop into the canal in slow motion, as if to say… “go get this one!”

And then its over. One diver salutes the boat… they salute back and chug away. Another day in Amsterdam. Another chance meeting of a diver and boat party people. Probably everyone of them was drunk… especially the divers.

What does it all mean? WHY? Whats the significance?


When red light approaches, apply brakes. This is no problem once you have a new brake system. Oh the others will laugh… but theyve never known what it is to stop on a dime and pedal with confidence…..

If you have a terrorist group. That group may in fact be a free-fighting movement. And if so, they may have a political arm.. a party that represents them at the round table that is many governments (ha ha). Now the extremist faction of the party is not nice, Illegal, and morally- completely wrong. Because of this the government could never communicate with them because you don’t communicate with those you want to arrest vs. those who want to destroy you. On the other hand, the political arm is in the business of politics – you could talk to them. You could negotiate, learn about, understand the group by interacting with the political arm.

Based on all this… which has achieved great results in England with the IRA and the Sein Fein. What the F is wrong with that facist Spanish Government. Honestly, these people never really buried Franco did they. They imbalmed him with the finest taxidermical methods available, and his corpse runs things.

Solidarity – Batasuna (Basque Nationalist party, political arm of ETA)

Learning to Ride

Lets try this: Friends are like snow. Some months, you’ve got none. And then, when it does start to snow, it just comes down. And then, sometimes, one little snowball, becomes a giant snowball, and then…. you get lost in this metafor… which is really a simile… which is lame.

Cut to today: The Luso-Canadiana old long-time friend has been found. Dinner was eaten by many, complete with paper plates and laughter a-plenty. The comrads of the program and quite the cool. Good friendships ahead filled with all the good stuff that comes along.

The Bike… now without a name, as zorro didnt stick… is being repaired. Or reborn, as it seems more aprapo….. A revolutionary idea: Hit Brakes, Bike Stops. Crazy you say? Watch me!

Rugs! Where can a brother buy some rugs up in this piece? My dawgs be cold!

Important people always have places to be. Suddenly, I must go… anywhere.

10 Minute Gaps

Well glory be! Good golly! A real grad student, with nothing short of the finest in DELL black sleek technology at his fingertips. Now the dobochery can begin, emails, websites, message boards.. CHATS! The skies the limit really. Though looking up, that limit sure is grey.

Everywhere one walks in Amsterdam people are singing their hearts out. It can make one feel quite left out. (as he types a boat floats by the window with the loudest polka booming from every whoofer and tweater you can imagine. Even more hilarious, not a single, sophisticated, attractive student in this lab flinches. As if to say, “yeah, theres goes the polka boat”)

It rains every other hour. But only for about 10 minutes, which is enough time to go into some store/office/hotel/library and pretend you belong there. Whats with the public’s obsession with the weather anyway… In Lisbon, would bm check the weather? Hell no.. sunny everyday, so whats the point. Now, why bother, cloudy with bouts of rain, no need to check. Three accidents almost took place near Leipsplein (or however you spell it) today, each involved a car, arrogance, and zorro – a recently accuired classic Dutch velocopede belonging (legally I think) to one Mark Rendeiro, residence unknown. In each case bm discovers creative ways of stopping, when one has coaster brakes that are more or less broken. (Why did the kind Algerian Bike salesman not fix such a safety risk?) Insh’ALA (if god wills), I shall survive. (by god, I refer to the golden calf, whom Ive happily worshipped for quite a while)

A man without a home is a like a homeless person who still hasnt come to grips with reality. Second thought, he is a homeless person. No real wisdom there. ‘cept money flies when you live at hotels.

More singing and laughing, it echoes through the quiet computer lab. Why do they sing? Where doth such joy come from? Tis perhaps the herb? Perhaps.

A Visit to the Lab

well shit. the shift button works not in this corporate computer lab. im pretty sure im in amsterdam… i can tell by the bikes whizzing by me, the feeling that everything is expensive, the hearing of dutch language, and the expensive room i got for tonight.

now where the hell is the welcome wagon.. this was one of the cruelest welcomes ever… i went from hotel to hotel like a tool.. and shelled out huge bucks for a shiyte room. f f f f

tomorrow will be nicer… it could only be.

no more for now… im starving.