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Farming On Either Side of Pond

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The theme this season on the blog continues to be food; the cost, growing, and politics of food.  Recently, while preparing for my journey to Thailand (next week), I’ve noticed 2 big changes coming to the agricultural policies of both the US government and the European Union.  Which could spell a change in how our food is raised and from who and how we get that food.

On the US side there’s the Farm Bill, which was vetoed by GWBush but that veto was overturned by congress.… Read Full Text

Economies and Plants

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During my lunch break on Myesonday I made my way over to a plant store near Olympic Stadium, here in Amsterdam.  Usually working past the time places stay open, I thought it best to buy my spring plants during my work day, plus I’d seen this shop several times since starting my new job, seemed like a good place.

CentrumI choose my spring flowers and bring them inside to pay the extremely tall, grey haired gentleman with the glasses.… Read Full Text

Fabrication Yet Factual

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While it has already made the rounds in much of the mainstream media, I wanted to look back today on the issue of the book by author Susan B. Jones called Love and Consequences. You may have heard about this author, as it was discovered that her book, which she presented as stories of her life growing up as a corner-kid in south central LA, turns out to have been made up.… Read Full Text