Back in Time: Venezuela and Steve Shalom

In the spirit of remembering the past and my hard work from the last 7 years on the blog, every weekend I will be going back in time to re-blog past material.

It was March 2006, back when my program was still called the AudioCommunique and my style was a little different, that the topic of my program was Venezuela. At that time, Author and my former Professor at William Paterson University, Steve Shalom, had just returned from a visit to the country. He came on the podcast to explain what he saw and how he interprets what was going on there. 2 years later, we of course know much more about what would happen with both the president and the nation of Venezuela.

I recommend you follow the link and re-listen to the program; Steve does a great job of explaining the journey and the different sides in what was then, just as it is today, the great debate about what is happening in Venezuela and who it is good for.

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  1. DROCK
    March 10, 2008

    The country is full of such extremes, before Chavez it was a kind of unchecked capitalist ruling class with a huge disparity in wealth kind of like US in the 1920’s. Now it seems like a Chavez is playing a simcity/civilization computer role playing game with price fixing and threaten war on its neighbors.

    Venezuela seems like they’re on the path to a Zimbabwean like existence.

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