bmtv78 Christiania, you Have My Heart PArt 1

With Denmark, Copenhagen, and more specifically Christiania still fresh on my mind, here is a film I wanted to share. I liked this film so much, I’m posting it here on my vlog in 3 parts. It is about Christiania, filmed in 1990 by Nils Vest.

In this part the film gets into the questions about drugs and also the misconceptions and poor media coverage that the place would get. Note the great house that the mother and her child are in. If you want to watch the whole thing instead of waiting for my vlog entries, go to google video.


  1. madame l
    March 7, 2008

    yeah, i watched that the other day just after listening to your podcast. i do love the way someone is always pushing a broom behind the cops. i imagine it is a lot like one of those schools my kids went to when they were younger (founded in ’68). i don’t want to write the name of the school, but it was similar to summerhill but located in mass.

    unfortunately the school has turned into somewhat of an exclusive rich kids’ school, cash is king i guess, and they slowly got rid of the likes of us. i wonder if the same thing is happening/will happen in christiania.

    could you explain to me (and meadhbh) what the electoral college is and how it works or point me to where you have or something? i have no idea how it works. in my näivité i thought democracy was one person one vote.

    to paraphrase the dolly llama (sic), democracy would probably be a good idea.

    • March 7, 2008

      oooh, MadameL brings up a good topic. I remember the day in my American Government class in High School, when the electoral college was explained to us (I even remember where I was sitting!). I remember raising my hand and asking the same question over and over in different ways.. “so you mean it isn’t the popular vote that elects the president of the US? but… wait, I don’t get it, isn’t it supposed to be that the person with the most votes wins? And what if the electoral college votes for the person who didn’t get the popular vote?”

      And I remember my teacher mostly dismissing me as being paranoid, saying that it’s very unlikely an election could ever be that close, not to worry, no, this is a real democracy, our votes are perfectly represented by this small group people. At some point when I was a teenager I claimed I would refuse to vote because by NOT voting I was protesting a system that I didn’t believe was a true democracy, and that voting at all was just supporting this archaic, unfair system. My opinions on how fucked up the system is haven’t changed, but of course I do vote now. And the elections in 2000 (when Bush very much lost the popular vote, yet won the election) made me want to go find my old government teacher and say “SEE!!! Now tell me why we’re still using this system!” But of course, if we didn’t vote at all, we could never prove how wrong the system is, and somewhere inside, for about 2 seconds on election day, there is that tiny little part that thinks “maybe my vote will count and I’m helping to make a difference” that I admit still gives me a thrill. For about 2 seconds.

      Anyway, I think this is a great topic for Mark to do a podcast about – and not just for the non-American audience, but to remind all of us Americans the way our “democracy” really works in presidential elections. So… hint hint, Mark.

    • bicyclemark
      March 7, 2008

      Based on my conversations there and reading up on things.. that is not currently happening there. But in my interview for the podcast, Niels does bring the fact that people want to live just as they used to and thats why they get upset about changes.. so that logic can lead to alot of things… but at present it has not.
      AS far as broom behind the police… clearly that dude wasnt expecting that and like they say.. they get tired of the police activities around the touristy-soft drug area overshadowing the entire rest of the place and its people which are really something special and well.. nice.

      Electoral College? jeez talk about a change of topic. Its not as exciting as it sounds… but Ill put it on the list.

  2. March 8, 2008

    re: sweeping up after the cops.
    in the version i watched, it was not only the lone guy but groups of women, every time the police showed up in the village, township, whatever, who were doing the sweeping.

    of course, i am not asking you to do a podcast on the electoral college… i was just emphasising the ridiculousness of it all and wondering if you had a simple way of explaining it. (because to my way of thinking there is no way to justify this to a 13 year old; they notice. which is more than i can say for “adults”, as tami seconded.) that’s why gods invented wikipedia.

    worth watching (if you haven’t seen it) is: Beyond the Green Zone – Dahr Jamail on youtube. 9 parts or so. and russell means talking about making the lakota nation a sovereign state. which brings us back to the verse.

  3. March 8, 2008

    damn thanks for talking about this place! As you know, I love the idea of places like this.

    Looking forward to part two.

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