Reproductive Rights, Native Americans, and Vitter

Upon first glance you might read that Lousiana Senator David Vitter helped lead the charge on the bill that helped make it almost impossible for Native American woman to have an abortion, and you’d think he’s not a very nice guy.  By not nice, I’m referring to the fact that he feels it is justified to strip Native American women of the rights that all other women in the US have.  Despite the fact that if he looked it up, he would know that Native American women are stastically more likely to raped than any other demographic.  No, Mr. Vitter’s committment to controlling women’s, especially Native American women’s, bodies would indicate he is a pretty mean guy.

Then you look closer at who this guy is, representing the 1st congressional district of Louisiana, a republican junior senator. I remember last year, driving through the second district on my way from New Orleans to Mississippi… things weren’t so nice there either.  Yet looking at Mr. Vitter’s voting record I see he not only wants control uteruses, he also voted against improving safety standards on children’s toys.  Things like, having tougher rules on the lead content of toys… he was against that somehow.

To his disappointment, the bill passed.

Just when you think “meh.. thats how government goes”, someone steps out of the shadows.  I should say, just when you think nobody can stand up to such blatant hate for women and children, someone wheels themselves into battle.  That someone, is Larry Flynt! He recently announced that he has evidence of the very moral Mr. Vitter having various affairs and sexcapades in the congressional world.  He says its time to expose hypocrisy: “I don’t want a man like that legislating for me, especially in the areas of morality.”