Life, Death, and the Stuff in Between

MP3 Audio [28 MB]DownloadShow URL One week since the death of my grandfather, this podcast contains a few personal and professional stories from my life over the past few months. Though this program is usually focused on interviews and issues from all over the world, its origin is this very formula: one person, a microphone, […]

Syria Comes Closer

I have been silent over the past 2 weeks, trying to process a recent journey and an experience that had a profound impact on me. Although it would seem there are several ways to tell this story, I will start from the beginning and later this week delve into more specific details. It is late […]

Gothenburg Fate

I came to Sweden with a very simple and what may seem to be a very harmless goal – to spend time with 2 of my best friends. ¬†Even though I may have other projects to spent my time worrying about, the previous project to keep on re-evaluating, and daily activities back home on which […]