Fine I’ll Talk About The Pretend War

I’m just gonna list a bunch of points tonight, because I’m generally annoyed with the story that everyone seems to just buy into about some guy named Bin Laden and his request for a truce. I hate talking about what every other Tom, Dick, and Harriet is blogging about, but tonight I’ve got to be a lemming:

1. There is no war on terrorism. Call it what it is, another farce like the cold war where people are manipulated by fear and believe that they will be destroyed, and then send troops to various countries to kill other people and in the process also get killed, or otherwise torture and be subject to mental anguish that will plague society for generations.

2. Just like numerous political and business leaders make big money on this farce that destroys lives and countries, so too do these groups of what are known as “terrorists”. It’s a symbiotic relationship as pointed out in the most important documentary you can ever watch – muslim fundamentalists are dependant on the same factors as neo-conservative militants: manipulation through fear and religion, deamonizing a certain group in global society, acquiring financial and other assests through activities related to using violence or waging war, etc.

3. Just because someone claims they did something, doesn’t mean they did it. Whether you’re talking about fucking the prom queen or destroying the trade center, it does not prove you did it, just because you appear in a video tape saying so. There must be a proper investigation based on evidence, proof, FACT. (in either of those two examples)

4. Pictures, especially video, do not always tell the truth. You can certainly create whatever character, look, voice, etc. that you wish fairly easily with all the resouces available to the average crazy or non crazy person. If someone tells you Al Jazeera has a tape from AlQaeda and the CIA confirms it… why do you believe it? Has the CIA never lied? Could Al Jazeera be wrong? Or is it the fact that yahoo news, CNN, and Scott McClellen (a man who should be on suicide watch considering all the guilt he lives with)… is it because these entities report about it? Or maybe because Tony Pierce reports it… cause everything on his blog is true. Right? When did the world get so dam easily convinced about things that they no longer require REAL TANGIBLE proof for crimes and other deeds?

5. The “war on terrorism” is the ultimate gift from the gods for countless politicians of many parties, worldwide. They make entire careers and fortunes off of it. It doesn’t matter if tomorrow every rebel fighter in Iraq or Afghanistan suddenly came out of hiding naked with their hands over their heads — they will not give up this war business, cause it’s far too profitable to give up.

Now seems like a good time to watch Wag the Dog again. “He just ended our war!”What, how can he end our war, its not his war to end? ” We he did it, I saw it on television, so it’s over.”