Sky is Orange

Terrorism gets tons of attention as the big fear around the world. But here in Portugal, there is something that is much more dangerous and terrifying than terrorism. And it doesn’t just blow up in crowded places or involve religion or class. The force I’m referring to actually happens right before everyones eyes, though they are often STILL caught by surprise.

I haven’t seen a clear sky or cloud in days. All I see is smoke. All I smell is this enhanced fireplace smell, the oder of burning pine, eucalyptus, and people’s homes. I can tell you it is a strange feeling to see this happenning all around and yet somehow my house is ok. Hell, I even attended a wedding today while firetrucks and ambulences would regularly zoom down the main road. No one seemed to notice or want to think about the fact that the electricity was coming from a generator since the fires had knocked out the electricity to this part of town. After a while I myself don’t notice the smell as much as the day goes on.

I realize this isn’t the only country terrorized by fires. But this case is out of control and the government/emergency system can not handle this. Today they finally deployed the military to relieve the volunteer firefighters who were overwhelmed days ago. The few water-dropping planes that fly over head are slow and very visibly in poor condition. At night I see no stars or moon, you start to believe that its just foggy outside, but the truth is – the country is on fire.

PS- Podcasting has been impossible because of family obligations and rare wi-fi access. New show is ready, more in the can, but man its proving difficult.