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bm158 Orgins of Asbury Park

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Obviously Ive become obsessed with this Jersey shore forgotten city.… Read Full Text

bm151 An activists story, from Lebanon to Jerusalem

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It was early July and she was invited to a camp in southern Lebanon.… Read Full Text

bm132 Summer of Yeast 2006, Madge Weinstein and the MacDocMan Take on Circumcision

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A break from my usual style of podcast.… Read Full Text

bmtv8 Religion versus Wealth

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With this vlog I intend to begin a series focused on questions of poverty, religion, education, health and more. Somehow these things are all inter-related, and I’m going to look into the numbers around the world.

This episode deals with Religion versus Wealth. Using the data from PEW’s 2002 study, we can see the level of religiousness in both wealthy and poor countries.… Read Full Text