Voices of A People’s History Night

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Image by flickr member: Mezilla

Friends and readers in the Amsterdam area and beyond, I’ve been hard at work planning, reading, and organizing the details of a reading-performance even in honor of Howard Zinn and his greatest work – A People’s History of the United States.  I will be MC’ing the event, doing my best to run it just as well as Howard used to, hoping I do him justice.  Speakers will include some wonderful native and non-native english speakers from my network of friends here in Amsterdam. Speeches and text as far back as 1542 and as recent as 2005 will jump between some of the great voices that are rarely taught in school or mentioned in mainstream media. And as if that weren’t enough, I will most likely be singing a few songs related different eras in A People’s History.  (brace yourselves)

For those outside of the Netherlands I will not be streaming it because I have enough to worry about. But audio/video recordings will be made available as podcasts, so that you can join share in this event afterwards.  Here are the vital details:

Howard Zinn Reading-Performance Night. Selections from A Peoples History of the US.
16 February
20:30 – 22h
at Schijnheilig –  the lovely new Squat-Gallery-Creative Space
Passeerdersgracht 23-bg

Weekend Break and A New Bike

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Its the weekend and I’m busy with non-citizenreporter life. However staying true to my roots as a blogger and a bicycle rider, I wanted to share this video my buddy Marc over at Amsterdamize shot today.? It captures the first ride with my new Secret Service bike from Workcycles.com.? I’ve never had a more pleasant bike buying experience, so much so I had to say something here on the blog because Henry and the crew deserve credit beyond just my purchase*.

*(thanks to the Dutch government for this odd small business-tax-credit for bicycles thing which I can’t explain properly, but helped make this possible)

Visited ASeed

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While much of Amsterdam was outside enjoying yes another day of sunny spring weather, I ventured over to the zoo neighborhood to visit with Nina at the ASeed offices.  Aseed is a nongovernmental organization that focuses on issues related to agriculture in Europe and throughout the world. My interest in meeting them today was to discuss the soy industry and what is going on in terms of who is doing most of the soy growing and what is its effect on the environment and society in general.

When I arrived at the building I realized it was a familiar squat (or former squat at this point) where I, in the past, had visited the wonderful artists of pipslab.  The kind of  building where the doorbells alone indicate that in this place, very creative, unique, and possibly crazy people- work. Naturally I felt welcome and most certainly in my kind of place.

Nina greeted me and led me into a large former auditorium of some sort, which let in lots of natural light, making it easier to see the large signs on the ground.  The signs were being prepared by the Aseed people for an upcoming summit in Bonn, which I’ll be watching for developments that I might bring to you.

From the 19th to the 30th of May, Bonn, Germany will host a global summit on biodiversity.  Though eventually 5,000 participants will make their way to Bonn, many activists, farmers, and concerned citizens will also be converging on Bonn.  The issue is as important as ever; fighting for the rights of small farmers versus the mammoth multinational agribusiness corporations, and questions surrounding genetically modified crops and food – the growing lobby at the EU level, and much more.

In my few hours at Aseed Nina did sit down with me and we recorded a podcast on the Soy industry.  She also informed me about alot of related topics which I hope to pursue in the coming weeks and months.  Look for the podcast at the end of the weekend.

One Day More

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Regularly scheduled citizen reporting will resume tomorrow.

After two months with no internet at home, the corrupt and incompetent phone company is coming to my house to check the wiring.  That combined with the fact that tomorrow is the Drag Queen Olympics, means that we can finally expect my work flo to return to normal and lots of interesting topics to discuss.  Not to mention, who will win the Stiletto Sprint this year?