Drag Queens Day

Normally I try to provide yee good readers with the occasional story/first hand account of what is happenning in this city of Amsterdam which I so love.

But today, on the eve of the biggest national mess of the year, I was so overbooked that I could not perform my duty as public internet servant. I did not make it to the drag queen olympics ’07. Dammit.

Fortunately we have the internet and Amsterdamers have all sorts of mobile blogging gadgets, even in their skimpy dresses. So full credit to the flickr members who took excellent photos which you can see here.

Myself I hereby vow to be there next year, standing at the finish line of the Stilleto Sprint, or watching them measure distances for the Handbag Throw.

For all the the terrible people who keep trying to change this country and this city, to make it into a bland, conformist, tourist trap. I’m proud and relieved that the Drag Queens are still here and the Olympic Flame burns on. Thank you ladies.