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ctrp383 Abortion in America (2011 Update)

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Snapshot from West Philadelphia

The violence and threats occasionally are reported about in the mainstream media.… Read Full Text

Your 4th of July, Not Mine

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It’s is the first time in many years that I am back in the US during the 4th of July celebrations.  While I enjoy a BBQ with friends and family today, I’ll also not forget the powerful words of Frederick Douglass back in 1852.  In this video entry I read an except from that speech.

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ctrp365 An Indian Quest in America

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Cover: RoadrunnerThe name of the book is Roadrunner, the story is that of journalist and world citizen Dilip D’Souza.… Read Full Text

Roadrunner in Each of Us

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It must have been spring of 2007 when I saw the incoming chat on my skype window: Dilip saying hello. A quick call – he’s in the US traveling around. Somewhere near New Orleans if memory serves. He asks me about my own travels and we disconnect pretty soon thereafter. The details of his adventures I would happily follow on his blog as I had since we first met online for a podcast interview some years before.… Read Full Text