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bicyclemark71: The Dutch War Problem and Relationships in the Netherlands

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Join the Mindcaster and myself as we sit in my garden and tackle cultural issues, especially relationships and civil unions in the Netherlands. (experimenting with a microphone… hence the odd sound)

AudioCommunique #71(mp3)
28min+, 80kbps, 16Mb+

Topics Include:
The Misuse of Public Funds by the Bush Admin
The Dutch government won’t share their intel on the Iraq War
Relationships, Living Together, and Civil Unions in the NL
The progressive aspects of culture here we forget about
Privatization of Electricity
Ryanne’s Video Blog is mentioned

Music Includes:
João Donato – Bye Bye Brasil
Bill Frisell – Perritos (Intercontinentals)
Lali Puna – Alienation (from Remixes and B-Sides)
Jay Unger – Ashokan Farewell
Lenin and Zelia Duncan – Naturalemente (from the João Donato Song Book)… Read Full Text

Overheard in Amsterdam

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We now take you to the Frisbee field in South Amsterdam, for another scene proving what a wonderfully international place this can be. – Cut to: The Frisbee Fields in Amsterdamse Bos.. where Blue Steel is taking on the Crazy Purple Grapes. Bicyclemark and a new guy are standing on the sidelines waiting to sub in on the next point. The new guy turns and asks in Dutch:

So where are you from originally?Read Full Text

The Story of NOLA

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As the evening became morning here in the Netherlands, I spoke with my dear Ms Thingk last night. One of my most favorite people in the world, who around this time last year, I met here at the fishtank, where I work. Now dwelling in the people’s republic of brooklyn, Ms. T asked me about A-Ren… said she hadn’t seen any photos of him lately. And that got me thinking…

Years from now..… Read Full Text

Wrong Place Wrong Time

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There was a time when I was always in the middle of it. The demonstrations, the political discussions, the cool mob-related scandles… THOSE were the days. I even had my Israeli manufactured gas-mask shipped to me in Europe, to be prepared for all those protests and other rebellious events, I would be attending over here.

But four years on – nothing. During an EU summit in seville, I missed the activist bus, which was turned away at the border with spain anyway.… Read Full Text