Radio Silence

Blogging from now on will be at random times, as I am now without net at the new place I will be calling home as of late this afternoon. I was unable to rent a bakfiets, which would be the bikes with the huge front loading capacity. I made a few phonecalls, called in a few favors, and I found a good friend with a car to drive me and my boxes across town… mental note: do even more favors than normal for people.

Washington Post is sporting a special interactive feature on Bush, his campaign donors, and key positions in his administration.(reg. required) It is cute. I would also qualify it as a bit too little too late. Apparently it has taken them four years to decide to do some investigative journalism. Careful now WP, don’t get all journalistic on us!

There’s much to say about European Elections. As you may have heard, something like 48% turned out, which I’m proud to say, I’m with the 52% non voters! That’s right! I’m fairly intellegent, very informed, and I excercise my right not to vote! Why? Because none of these candidates represent me, and I don’t much care for this type of western democracy. Well, on a more logistical note, I’m not registered to vote in the Netherlands yet. Next time I might get involved, but this year was my year of protest thru non-voting. Here’s an audio report on the elections results, for those who prefer their ears to their eyes.

Today’s Music: Jorge Palma – Ao Vivo (Portuguese.. good.)