Midsummer Spending

Well it happenned. I didn’t want it to happen… but a few hours ago… it became reality that the Netherlands will face Portugal in the next round of the Euro. I can still hear the beep-beeping outside. I’ve talked enought about football lately, so Ill stop there.

So Michael Moore’s new film is out in the states. I looked it up, won’t arrive in here until late July. Stupid American-European distribution gap…. why was the Matrix able to come out on the same day world wide? At any rate, I’m enjoying the initial reactions from people, my good buddy in Queens told me that opening night people were clapping throughout the film (which could make one go crazy I suspect). He also said that at the end the audience gave it a standing ovation. Interesting. Still, I must acknowledge the backlash against this film and Moore in general. It’s hard to tell if its growing or not, but I see it often in the blogosphere.

I noticed the insane shopping list from the US Senate for military spending. Majikthise highlights the:

*$25 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

*$70 billion for planes, ships and weapons, “surpassing even the buildup of the 1980s”

*3.5% military pay raise along with increases in other benefits

*$10.2 billion for planned missile defense program, for which operational tests must begin in 2005

*Go-ahead for further research on 2 new nuclear weapons: a low-yield “mini-nuke” and a high-yield “bunker buster”

Any nation/group/individual that researches new nuclear weapons is insane. As usual I’m ashamed to be associated with such a government. Nevermind the overwhelming number of neglected children, elderly, and adults all over the US versus the money spent on “star wars”.. thats sort of a tradition. But seeking to produce the most destructive weapons the earth has ever seen, thats just baffling.

Today’s Music: Noir Desir – Des Visages des Figures