On to the Final

This is not a blog about sports. Its about things I observe and world events. But tonight its sports.. at least briefly. I’ve just returned from “Sport-Club Os Lusitanos” where an enclave of about 100 Portuguese people took over the street, spilling out of the club that as I walked in, reeked of celebration and yes-sweat. Both of those the bi-products of a 2-1 victory of over non other than the country where I now live – Netherlands.

I loved the energy at the club and on the street, especially in comparison to the utter sadness and silence from most of Amsterdam, where Dutch fans seemed either shocked or just wanting to forget. To their credit, they were quite civil. People on the street noticed my shirt, some smirked, most shouted “Portugal!” and waved as if to say – “yeah you’re ok.” Either that or… “If I could Id knock you off that bike right now.”

Anyway.. in the final Im predicting Czech-Portugal… and as much as I love the Czechs… I want Portugal to win that one… what a sweet story that would be.

Back real life, keeping in mind that football is a fantasy and our lives don’t actually improve if our favorite team wins. Transparency International has released their annual survey on corruption and corrupt nations. I’ve been reading the stats… overall corruption in political parties is the biggest frustration for citizens worldwide. YET- In the United States, people surveyed didn’t believe their parties were corrupt!? The Republican and Democratic parties aren’t corrupt? Imagine that. I also noted the high concern for corruption in utility companies, especially in the developing world. If you consider most of the countries have their utilities controlled by foreign multinationals, that may be a clue as to who brings corruption.

I may soon take Jeff Jarvis’s Buzz Machine off my primary blogroll. I grow tired of reading him daily.. especially when he spends his time badmouthing leftists and denouncing Michael Moore as the devil. I can understand being critical.. I’m in favor of that. But Jarvis is getting to damn conservative… I could stand to read that maybe only once a week instead of daily.

Today’s Music: Bill Frisell – The Intercontinentals (loving it)