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The Battle To Protect Kudremukh

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ctrp417 Moving Closer to Ethical Mobile Phones

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In the summer of 2011 we learned of the fairphone mission; to make the world’s first ethically responsible mobile phone.… Read Full Text

Workers in Indonesia Rise Up Against Freeport

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Here’s what we know:

Copper Mine in Indonesia by pjriccio2006 on Flickr

Freeport MacMoRan is the world’s lowest-cost copper producer and the largest gold producer in the world. Producer is a funny term, they pull it from the earth. I suppose the production label comes from everything they do to the stuff they take from the earth.. the processing.

The company is almost 100 years old with its headquarters in Arizona, but of course its operations are located all over the world.  … Read Full Text

ctrp386 Tracing the Strategic Minerals Route in Congo

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Michael Interviewed in DRC

Earlier this year Michael Schaap went to DRCongo as part of the Fairphone fact finding mission.

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