ctrp412 The Voice of Hanna Braun

MP3 Audio [29 MB]DownloadShow URL [podlove-contributors]“We’ve been here before!” Hanna Braun said to herself back in 1948 as Arab residents were expelled from Haifa. She had been a member of the Hagana before the Israeli army had been formally created – before there was even an Israel. She had escaped Germany at the height of […]

bm292 The Battle for Gaza Gas Reserves

MP3 Audio [25 MB]DownloadShow URL [podlove-contributors]In 1999 the news came out that there were significant natural gas supplies off the coast of Gaza. Negotiation soon took place between the Palestinian Authority, Israel, British Gas, and a Athens based company. The deal they produced would have given the PA 10% of the profits, though it was […]