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ctrp412 The Voice of Hanna Braun

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Hanna's Memoir - Weeds Don't Perish

“We’ve been here before!” Hanna Braun said to herself back in 1948 as Arab residents were expelled from Haifa.… Read Full Text

Remembering a Defiant Old Woman

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Image courtesy of Garnet Publishing UK

Hanna Braun. In early 2006 this name was recommended to me by an enthusiastic listener who said something to the effect of “you should really interview her.” I did some reading and learned a bit about who Hanna Braun was, an stubborn old lady who had grown up in Berlin during the rise of Hitler, then moved to Palestine when it was under British control, and then lived the creation of the state of Israel.  … Read Full Text

bm292 The Battle for Gaza Gas Reserves

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In 1999 the news came out that there were significant natural gas supplies off the coast of Gaza.… Read Full Text