More War Crimes

There are many events that take place in this world that we… myself included.. can describe as crimes. Crimes take many forms and have different degrees. Among these forms, one of the most horrendous in my eyes – becuase it is so tacidly approved of and glorified in our collective culture, is war.? Stop with the World War II references, there hasn’t been a just war since… since.. how can anyone call a war just? It is a contradiction in terms, especially in 2009, when as a world we know so much more about why things happen, why people suffer and who benefits in keeping in that way.? It is not a mystery of why one group hates another, there are very clear causes and those causes are rarely addressed because too many people profit from perpetuating hatred and conflict.

How would the merchants of death, who’s profits have been going through the roof in the past 10 years, how would they make trillions in the coming year if more nations didn’t buy up their weapons of mass murder..? illegally, legally, whatever the means, they sit back, watch the news and calculate the profit. Of course they didn’t start this, but would they exist if they worked to help end it?

Like many brave Americans did during the invasion of Iraq, I look for the heroic Israeli’s who abandon the army. I certainly cheer on any Hamas fighter who flee’s the propaganda and by some miracle, finds a way to get out of that region of the world. But in either case, it doesn’t seem to happen that way. Everyone’s in on the game, even the pawns.