bm103 Zionism, Liberation, and Oppression

Growing up in Berlin during Hitler, then moving to British controlled Palestine, witnessing the creation of the Israeli state, Hanna Braun talks about the underlying agenda and the undeniable hypocracy therein.

AudioCommunique #103 (mp3)

In this show:

Edward Said on Finding the Truth
The way Arabs are drawn now, the was Jews were then = history repeating itself
Germany in the 30’s
Palestine and the zionists
The dream of a secular state
Defence Force, Paramilitary, and the use of violence
Evictions and clearing of villages
Ben Gurion, Ariel Sharon, etc.
Opposing Voices not allowed, Leaving Israel


Edith Piaf – Jerusalem
Alpha Blonde – Jerusalem

I’m off to Winterberg, Germany again.. to practice my snowboarding and drink hot cocoa.