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Nuclear Irony

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I burst into the amsterdam vlogger meetup this evening and my opening statement was as follows:

If you don’t want other nations to get nuclear weapons, try not developing them in the first place.

I listened to radio open source on the way from the oud west to de balie, and they were talking about what if Iran gets nuclear weapons. And then the bigshots give their little shpeal about what might happen and what might not.… Read Full Text

bm118 Nepal: Life, Liberty, and the whims of the King.

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Lodged between India and China who perhaps steal the spotlight, Nepal continues to suffer as the King tries to keep a tight grip on citizen rights. Meanwhile Maoist Rebels and Government troops clash in a struggle for power. In between these two forces, you will find the Nepalese people growing increasingly impatient with the behavior of both sides and calling for a return to the democracy they once knew. Dinesh Wagle of United We Blog!Read Full Text

Paper Mills and Border Troubles

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It’s always curious to hear about border disputes in South America where I tend to assume they’ve lived next to each other long enough to have nothing to fight over when it comes to borders. I had already heard about Peru and Chilé having issues. But today I’ve been reading up in both the Argentinian Clarín newspaper and on the BBC about the struggle between Argentina and Uruguay over the building of paper mills along the border.… Read Full Text

bm105 Health vs Jobs in Western India

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In the town of Alang, in the state of Gujarat, India, the ship breaking industry once accounted for half of all the world’s ships that are broken down. It was also once a clean and beautiful beach. Neither is exactly true anymore, and the case of the Clemenceau may become the watershed moment in the history of Alang. Blogger and author Dilip D’Souza of the blog Death Ends Fun talks about his visit to the town and his analysis of what is going on and what the future holds for the workers, the community, and their environment.… Read Full Text