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On Tuesday nights, I seek television shows that will wisk me away to a fantasy world of witty humor, indie music, and tormented lovers. It used to be the O.C., but that’s gone, and my old standby is back EVERWOOD. Which sounds like a porno, but isn’t.

Nevermind that, this is actually going to be a serious post goddamit. So sit up in that chair, cause this is big stuff.

If you’ve been round the Communiqu? before, you know that bm is a big critic of media and government. Some might say I’m a cynic, but I prefer to call myself a wacko pinko watchdog. (in private) Because whenever I listen to a politician or consult the media after something tragic happens, they consistantly act like they just landed on earth and have no concept of history or society. I’m talking worldwide here, not just the US or Europe. A terrorist act is committed, they talk revenge. Someone is murdered, they talk severe punishment. Rarely to never, do they ask WHY and WHAT are the conditions in which this thing happenned.

So I’m following this story of the kid who shot classmates and himself on an indian reservation, and silly me, I’ve got this hope about the discussion that will follow. I skim the articles looking for anything about poverty, unemployment, depression, mental illness, alcoholism, or the history of how Native Americans have been treated for generations. And no matter how much I’ve skimmed the last few weeks, I can find barely a shred of such discussion. Lots of boring sad pictures of memorials and people crying. A little bla bla here and there about guns, schools, arrests, and whatever. Same old shit that got us here in the first place.

Chalk it up to another dropped ball. Another clue completely missed. And both a government and a national media who lack any kind of real analytical and investigative tradition. Who the hell votes and reads for these morons?

Course there is hope, besides blogs, there’s this.

Me, I read WRITEHARD.. cause he can tell a tale that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

And Jill/txt wrote one that hit home for me as she was fingerprinted at the gates of the promised land.

Today’s Sounds: Ray Charles – Ultimate Hits Collection (disc2)