BM versus Nucs

Hey… Adam Curry is talkin bout lil ol me on the SourceCode today… again. Thanks mon!

Disclaimer: I’m not a scientist, but I play one on the internet.

I hate nuclear energy. It’s over-rated, over-promoted, under-reported, and a general bummer for the earth. Yeah yeah yeah… tons of energy from a very small and potentially deadly scientific process. GREAT. Meanwhile there are missiles in every corner of the world loaded with this fun technology which can potentially murder everyone at once. And the US, Russian, Indian, PAkistani, Iranian, Israeli, French, UK, Chinese, N. Korean, etc. governments think they have the right to further develop this crap, cause despite the good chance everyone will die of some new cancer, they feel it’s worth it so we can charge our Ipods and they can make up for their penis envy. (missile envy since all of those governments are run by men)

And oh the waste. Lots of megawattage, but they have no clue where to put the waste. Tons and tons that will slowly kill us all or just maybe contaminate our drinkin water and kill us nice and secret-like. Some old rich white men in the US congress want to put it in the mountains of Nevada or somethin…. you can bet my friend Ashabot isn’t down with her mountains being a hiding place for nuclear death.

In France they just throw it on trains and stash it overground in small towns where local people are seemingly considered too dumb to actually kick up a big enough fuss. Little do they know we got some crazy and intelligent people ? la campagne!

It’s crazy crazy. Even if you’re up in beautiful Sweden you’re gettin milked for you kroners so these wonderful nuclear facilities can keep bringing you juice and shitting radiation.

I know.. I know.. we like the energy right? What do you know BM… bitchy little C-List blogger that I am. Asking for donations just to buy a powerbook, what makes me qualified to say if its right or not? –back off man… I’m an activist-journalist, this is what we do.

If I had my way.. we’d haul them all to court in the Hague… or in Rwanda.. doesn’t matter. I’d hire a lawyer-blogger to represent regular people, and all this governments and the nuc companies they bend over for, would face crimes against humanity charges.

oooh.. and much love to the Verbal Chameleon for the tip in the jar… a mac user herself I might add.

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