Who are the bloggers? 1

A while back I said I would start a series about blogs in my blogroll and why I have them there. A type of explanation as to what I like about bloggers in my neighborhood, because I feel they deserve not only more attention, but to know why I appreciate them so. This will be my first entry in the “Who are the Bloggers in your neighborhood” series. Each post will focus on two blogs starting from the top (alphabetical sort of) where it says “blogolas”.

First blogger on the list is Indiana’s own Mr Hugh of Three Bed Two Bath, a blog titled after an advert of the house he was buying or sold, can’t quite remember which. I also don’t remember exactly how I found 3B2B, but I do remember that in early 2004, when I kicked blogging into high gear, I took notice of this blogs honesty and writing that simply appealed to me. I later came to realize we don’t share similar politics, or views on many things, but I wasn’t looking for someone I agree with. I like this blog for its stories and simplicity. And I mean simplicity in the greatest sense of the term, a good guy with daughter #1 and #2 and the wife who occasionally guest blogs. While I may not read it with a fine tooth comb, I definitely browse it regularly, as I have for over a year now, and will continue to do so.

Second blogger on my list, and a true blog celebrity, is internationally celebrated The Accordian Guy, Joey Devilla. Funny thing, a case of one of those bloggers who I’ve never spoken with, but know much about his life. I enjoy the fact that he plays accordian, and I like following the course of his life, including his job with Tucows and his beautiful relationship-soon-to-be marriage with another blogger. Add to this the fact that the Accordian Guy lives in the greatest city in Canada, Accordian City (toronnnno), and there is little doubt why he’s immensely popular. He often posts audio and video specials for his readers, and my favorites are when he posts video of himself playing accordian in the middle of a street festival somewhere in Ontario. Most recently, Joey, being Philippino as well as Canadian, taught me all about those beautiful shirts – barongs. Even the title rocked “If Alternative Formalwear is Barong, I Don’t Want to be Ba-Right.” I definitely want to wear one around Amsterdam now.

So there you have it, the first two reviews of the Bloggers on my blogroll. Go forth.. browse.. read posts.. dig through archives. As I’ve said before, they get my seal of approval for a reason — they appeal to my tastes as a reader and a weirdo.

Today’s Sounds: Al Pacino is yelling in that movie City Hall