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A Peruvian Trap

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You know how it goes when you’re a world citizen blogger. One day you’re talking about Poland, then Frisbee in Amsterdam, and before you know it, it’s time to talk Turkey. Or as we say in Portuguese “Peru” .

Not sure how much you know or the world’s media tells you, about Peruvian history and politics, but myself – I’ve been watching the events unfold for the last 6 years with great frustration.… Read Full Text

My Ho Chi Min Trail

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There was one specific New Jersey summer, when I was 16, that I picked up a copy of “On Revolution” – selected writings of Ho Chi Min. The book was 25 cents, and I recognized the name as one of those personalities from history that public school education teaches you was basically evil. Of course I was a skeptical kid, -still am-, so I knew I had to read the words of this alleged tyrant.… Read Full Text

Polish Doublemint Twins Take Election

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Something should be said about the Polish elections, cause Poland is a big country, a new EU member, with a truely stubborn national spirit (I love stubborn populations!). I figure when you have such a violent and abused history as a nation, the effects will be felt for generations, in many different ways.

TwinsTrouble is, I’m not a Polish politics expert. Though I do keep an eye on Valesa’s son, who did get elected into parliament a few days ago, I had only read an article or two about the twins who are poised to become Prime Minister and President from the “law and justice” party.… Read Full Text


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Remembering Sept. 11th and whats happenned since…. with D-Rock in DC..

AudioCommunique #66(mp3)
32min+, 64kbps, 14Mb+

Although it might be cliché the way Sept. 11th is talked about in media circles, this is an oral history based on how it was lived by my buddy D-Rock in Washington, DC. The first person to call me that morning and tell me what was going on across the Hudson River.

The morning of
The hysteria and bogus stories
Patriot Act and Patriot II
The fact that this movement of Neo-cons is not as unbeatable as people say

Music Includes:

Bruce Springsteen-My City in Ruins (The Rising)
Steve Earle – John Walker Blues (Jerusalem)
Talib Kweli-Talib Kweli – The Proud (Quality)
Tori Amos I can’t see NY (Scarlet’s Walk)
Victor Jara – El Drecho de viver en paz… Read Full Text