Wellstone Conspiracy

Bicyclemark refuses to drop this issue of Paul Wellstone’s death! The investigation is taking, strangely enough, much longer than expected. Heres whats come out about the pilot according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

– According to records from Conry’s (the pilot) criminal fraud conviction, his training experience at American Eagle was sandwiched between his indictment in the fraudulent home-building scheme and his sentencing to a federal prison camp in South Dakota in connection with that case. He was sentenced April 27, 1990, and was released from prison in November 1991.

– Conry never was named a first officer or co-pilot at the airline and never flew a passenger flight at American Eagle.

– Conry never disclosed his criminal history to Executive Aviation

Just a plane crash? Sure… that’s what the major political parties.. especially the one in power, would like it to be remembered as. They don’t care much about justice and the truth!